Municipal Plumbing Services in Grayslake and the Surrounding Communities

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Giving Back To Grayslake

Elliott from Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. grew up in a family that has been providing plumbing services to Grayslake for generations. Now, he and his wife Amanda have established a small, family-owned plumbing business with of their own in Grayslake, IL to continue the family tradition. Grayslake is home. That’s why Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. takes pride in providing professional municipal plumbing in Grayslake and the surrounding communities. Municipalities and government agencies are not exempt from plumbing needs and the team at Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. see solving those needs as an excellent way to make a positive contribution to the community.

Municipal Plumbing Services

When it comes to your municipal plumbing needs, the professionals at Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. have the knowledge and the skill to get the job done right. They can fix smaller issues like clogged drains, leaky faucets, clogged toilets, and more. But, they can tackle the more difficult jobs too. If you need a plumber for municipal plumbing in Grayslake that can do backflow preventer installation, backflow preventer repairs/testing, gas piping installation/repair, winterization, summerization, or sewer rodding, Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. can help.

Municipal buildings are often older and require a specialized plumber to do plumbing repairs. The infrastructures of buildings like public libraries, city halls, fire stations, and other judicial and public safety buildings can be delicate and susceptible to damage, especially during pipe repairs. Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. knows how important it is to keep our municipal buildings intact and takes steps to ensure that the infrastructure of these buildings stays intact during the work they do. When you work with Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co., you can be sure that the health of your municipal building is in good hands.

Meet Your New Plumber

You won’t find a better combination of quality plumbing service and dedication to customer satisfaction than what you’ll get from Elliot and Amanda at Illinois Plumbing & Service Co. Call or email the team at Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. today to meet your new plumber and to schedule your service for municipal plumbing in Grayslake and the surrounding areas.

Meet Your New Plumber