Residential Plumbing Provided in Grayslake and the Surrounding Communities

Whether you’re looking to do a complete kitchen/bathroom remodel or you simply need your leaky kitchen sink to stop dripping, we can help. Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical professionals can help with all your plumbing needs in and around your home. Everything from water heater installation to gas leak repairs and everything in between.

Life gets busy so must of us don’t have the time to watch a 20-minute video on how to replace a sump pump, so why not call a professional who can be in and out quickly before the Spring rains hit? Owning a home can be stressful enough without having to worry about who’s going to clear clogged toilets or change shower valves. We have the experience to solve your plumbing problems and a vested interest in keeping your home safe and clean in the process!

What We Can Do

At Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co., we offer a wide range of plumbing solutions, including fixing home plumbing problems, residential service and installation, and commercial services.

Home Plumbing Repair

We can take care of just about any home plumbing issue you encounter that’s too much to fix on your own. Whether it’s a small leak behind the toilet or a massive leak in the kitchen, we’re up for the task. We can troubleshoot your broken sump pump or garbage disposal, fix frozen or burst pipes, and deal with home inspection or water shutoff issues. That’s just a sampling of the many areas we cover.

Residential Plumbing Services and Installation

Are you looking for a plumber to take care of a kitchen or bath remodel? We do that, too! We can help you take care of any plumbing-related service or installation you could need around your home. We can also remove backups or clogs wherever they appear and clean your instant/tankless hot water heater.

We’re also equipped to deal with gas issues, including fireplace service, leak repair, valve replacement, and pressure testing.

Other Services We Provide

We are a true full-service plumbing company, so we can take on small commercial services in addition to our residential offerings. If your small to medium business needs equipment installation, leak repair, clogged drain clearing, or backflow prevention testing and repair, give us a call. We can also take care of situations needing a sewer rod or camera sewer, winterization and summerization, and gas piping.

This is only a sampling of what our plumber can do. Check out our complete list of services. If you’re not sure what you need, or if you suspect you need a service not listed here, give us a call anyway. Chances are very great we can help, but if not, we’ll let you know that, too.

Meet the Team

Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. offers residential plumbing in Grayslake and surrounding communities. Our lead plumber, Elliott, took over Gil Plumbing from his parents in 2015, and the name was changed at that time. Elliott grew up in a plumber family, and plumbing runs in his veins (or should we say pipes?). Plumbing goes deep in Elliott’s family tree. He’s a fourth-generation plumber who builds on a long legacy of successful, quality plumbing work.

Amanda, Elliott’s wife, runs the office at Illinois Plumbing & Mechanical Co. She keeps the operations flowing smoothly so Elliott can keep your plumbing doing the same. For more on who we are, check out our complete bios.

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Whether you’re looking at a complete kitchen or bath remodel or you just have a small nagging leak, we’re here for you. Contact us today for residential plumbing in Grayslake.

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